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Wenner-Gren at the AAA’s : World Council of Anthropological Associations

World Council of Anthropological AssociationsWenner-Gren is at the 110th annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Montreal where over 6000 anthropologists are expected for five days of discussion and debate. Things start Wednesday, however the World Council of Anthropological Associations met Tuesday. This is a meta-association of 38 national anthropological associations worldwide
devoted to establishing a means for networking and communication for international anthropology. Over 20 presidents of these associations attended to discuss plans for WCAA symposia at future national meetings (see for more information) and two new and exciting initiatives. » Read more..

Announcing the Wenner-Gren Blog

In our mission to support the international community of anthropology researchers and to promote discussion and debate in all areas of our discipline, we are pleased to introduce the Wenner-Gren Blog.

In addition to announcing funding decisions and reporting on various foundation-sponsored events, the blog will highlight innovative projects funded by Wenner-Gren, feature interviews with grantees, and post news items from anthropological conferences and other happenings around the world.  We’ll share valuable teaching tools from our History section, like streaming historic lectures from the discipline’s legendary forebears, and even offer tips on preparing successful grant applications.

The Anthropology community has a robust and growing presence on the Internet, and blogs across the four fields are becoming increasingly influential. By joining this conversation, we will draw attention to the foundation and the accomplishments of our grantees, foster discussion and scholarly exchange on an international level, and promote the unique value and insights that anthropological research brings to topics of common concern beyond the academic.

So visit our blog — follow and friend us on Twitter and Facebook — and stay tuned to Wenner-Gren!


Return of the Covarrubias Logo

In 1947 Miguel Covarrubias was commissioned by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research (then known as the Viking Fund) to design the Viking Fund Medal. The medal was awarded to honor outstanding intellectual leadership and exceptional service to the discipline of anthropology. It was originally struck in heavy bronze with a three-inch diameter and depicts four dancers, representing the diversity of humankind. » Read more..